Issues and Traditions in Western Religions

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Issues and Traditions in Western Religions

Issues and Traditions in Western Religions
Religion is a belief in a higher power. Every religion has faith in what they believe is true and the only way. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are three major Western Religions. Although these religions are all different, they do have many areas of thought in common. Each religion possess issues within each faith that they face on a constant basis. Additionally, they all celebrate some form of holiday, have sacred locations, and traditions. Although these faith systems all have these as a similarity their traditions and beliefs are very different. The following will be two of the top current issues of the three religions as well as two traditions that they encompass. Issues in Judaism

Jews today are struggling with a loss of history, tradition, and faith. Judaism is finding itself in a generation where there is a lack of knowledge about the religion. This happens for many reasons including a lack of interest and lack of time. Historically Jewish traditions and beliefs were passed down orally and in this modern hustle and bustle society many young Jews just simply do not take the time to learn the old ways. Traditionally Jewish people also married within their own faith. In present times the idea of marring outside of the Jewish faith is often common. By marrying within other cultural or faith groups assimilation takes over, and some of the wisdom and traditions are lost. A Second problem that Judaism faces is the differences in beliefs within the different sects of Jewish religion. The reason this becomes a problem is although they are all considered to be under the umbrella of Judaism they all have different interpretations of what the religion is about. The Orthodox Jews are the most traditional they firmly believe in the Torah and do not deviate from the laws. The Reformed Jews take a more liberal form of Judaism. Conservative Judaism takes a closer approach to the Orthodox Jews but allows modernization and is therefore is less radical. Because they all have their own beliefs this creates a problem with credibility. It becomes a weakness and allows doubt to come in the picture instead of a strong backbone to an ancient faith group.

Issues in Christianity
Unfortunately, the majority of issues facing the Christian church today have to do with Christians themselves and societies opinion of them. Christian are often accused of being judgmental and hypocritical. A devout Christian holds to a set of moral beliefs. To anyone living outside of these beliefs the devout Christian has the appearance of being judgmental, and unfortunately in many cases is behaving in the manner. Many Christian forget that the teachings of Jesus called for His followers to condemn sin (immoral behavior), but love the sinner right where they are at in life. Although a Christian is called to condemn abortion, they are not called to condemn the woman receiving one. However, many do, placing the focus on judgment, hatred, and hypocrisy, and taking the focus off the community, love, and helpfulness to which Christians are called. Although accusation of being judgmental and hypocritical are the issues most Western Christians face, Christian across the world face a whole other set of problems. Whereas Christians do not have to worry about this here in Western Society, Christians all over the world are subject to unbelievable persecution. Christians have been, and are currently experiencing persecution all over the world, by other religions such as Muslims and Hindus as well as in atheistic states such as the People’s Republic of China. Christians are often not allowed to practice publicly their faith. Some are not even allowed to own a Bible. Quite sadly, many are put to death for their faith. Issues of Islam

One problem that is somewhat easy to point out...
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