Issues Affecting the Aged

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  • Published : May 26, 2008
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How would you feel if you needed assistance to get out of bed each morning or whenever you saw family members you could not recognize who they are? What about someone having to help you grocery shop, get dressed, or eat each day. These types of issues are what the elderly go through everyday. There are many issues which the elderly go through everyday ranging from mental to physical to issues which one has no control over. A few of the basic concerns for the elderly are health (chronic disease), death, and loneliness in which every older person will have to deal with one of these at some point in their life. If the elderly are lucky one would only have to deal with one of the three major concerns but most individuals experience all three or a combination of sorts. Chronic diseases which can include heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke are an extension of what people do, or don’t do, as people go about their daily lives. Eighty-eight percent of those over 65 years of age have at least one chronic health condition (Senior resource). Bad habits, such as smoking, drinking and poor diet or the lack of physical activity are the main factors which lead to chronic illness. The battle against chronic illness starts early on in life and one must start early to combat theses issues. If one waits until the age of fifty to start combating the effects of chronic illnesses they may be too late. Loneliness along with depression is a major concern and bump in the road for most elderly people. The two go hand in hand with each other, if one is lonely then one is depressed and vice versa, if one is depressed than one is lonely. A major cause of depression can include the loss of a loved one or ones. Depression technically is a medical condition with declining health issues which can cripple the every day function of a person’s life. Depression can not only affect ones moods, behaviors, and feelings but also can affect a person physically too. Physical complaints such as...
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