Issue131 the Arts (Painting, Music, Literature, Etc.) Reveal the Otherwise Hidden Ideas and Impulses of a Society."

Topics: Sociology, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Art Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Issue131 The arts (painting, music, literature, etc.) reveal the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society."

Do the arts always express the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of society? I fundamentally agree with what the speakers has asserted. However, besides showing otherwise hidden thoughts and stimulus of society, they are also used to express the author’s personal feelings and emotions, or mirror the beauty of nature. In this respect, the arts are regarded as something for their art value rather than social value.

The artists normally belong to a certain social class or group, and the desires and ideals of this class are often reflect in these artists' works. What these artists could truly affect this society is not radio, newspaper or television, but the art works enjoyed by most people. Especially, in a society of despotism, if the right of free speech is limited, art works would become the best tools for artists to uncover the dark side of society and express their resentment toward authority. The best example to illustrate this point is the painting 'DOVE' created by Picasso. This work are produced on the basis of Picasso' personal experience during the second wars, It represents the longing for peace of common people like Picasso under the ruling of NAZI as well as their hate toward wars. Up to now, this painting has become the symbol of peace accepted by the people worldwide. Therefore, the art works are normally the effective tools to record the desires and ideas of some certain social group represented by artists.

Most art works are created on the basis of social life, so it is sure that they would contain many aspects of social reality,including people's lives and ideas、value ideas、religious belief and etc. Naturally, some arts works could also reflect the impulse of some people to transcend their present situation, and it is often this impulse that help propel society forward. The Famous novels Uncle Tom's Cabin could serve as a...
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