Issue of Conscription in Australia

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  • Published : October 26, 2008
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During World War I, conscription was a big issue for Australia, Labour Prime Minister Billy Hughes want to enforce conscription, following the footsteps of Britain and New Zealand, who introduced conscription earlier in the year. Hughes wanted conscription because if Australia helped to fight against Germany, it could stop them from possibly invading the ground of Australia; also it is because people who are willing to join the army were dropping, so he wanted conscription to pass in the parliament. Unfortunately, conscription did not pass, because too many politicians, particularly the Labour Party, opposed the idea of conscription. This issue deeply divided Australia with a large amount of meetings fighting for and against. There were many debates between both groups of whether or not conscription is required in Australia. Some considered it as a good idea while others think of it as a harsh idea. At that time, there were many advertisements and posters trying to convinced Australian Voters to vote either YES or NO on the day. The supporters of conscription agreed with Hughes thinking that conscription could be a help for Britain as to Britain were at danger at that time and thinks that if we can help Britain, then they may reserved us a spot as an ally for future battles. Also they believed that the reason to why fewer men are going to war because eligible men are avoiding their duty as an Australian and also considered those who opposed conscription as a coward. While the people who opposed the idea of conscription thinks it is unfair for working men and lower class family because they would be harmed the most if conscription were to be passed. Also they believed it is unfair because they think that the higher class family can avoid being forced to attend war and considered Hughes and its supporters as murderers. Women were the main target for propaganda. Their opinion about conscription is largely different. Some of them who had their husband and son...
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