Issue in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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Issue in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

By | June 2011
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Grrr...Hotel Fees. It's never fun to check into a hotel only to discover that the room rate essentially covers sleeping in the bed and taking a shower and that anything else you want to do in-room or on the property is going to cost you. There's been a lot of talk lately about the rise of hotel fees and we thought it was time to weigh in on this issue again.

Now, there are the obvious hotel fees like on-demand movies and Pringles from the minibar. Then there are some other understandable fees, such as if you smoked in a non-smoking hotel room then you should pay that $200+ cleaning fee. Same goes for the pet-cleaning fees for your dogs, cats and other hotel-approved animals you must travel with.

But most hotel fees are simply a rip-off. A blatant way for hotels to nickel and dime you every minute that you spend in their hotel. And worse, some fees are for things you don't even use during your stay! So much for hospitality huh?

We've rounded up what we think are the 10 Most Ridiculous Hotel Fees but we definitely want you to chime in below with your biggest hotel fee gripes too.

1. RESORT FEES: Resort fees are evil, especially when the resort is charging you for simple stuff like use of the pool and tennis courts, pool towels, local phone calls, daily newspapers and bottled water. The only acceptable resort fees we can tolerate are ones that include both free internet and free use of the hotel gym. But for guests who don't need to use the gym or the internet, these resort fees are just a waste of their money.

2. INTERNET FEES: You know how we feel about free WiFi in hotels but the sad fact remains that many hotels are overcharging guests to use the internet in-room. The worst offenders are the hotels that offer a pay-per-hour plan.

3. IN-ROOM COFFEE FEES: We love the new trend of single-cup coffee makers in the guestrooms at hotels but we don't love the hotels that charge you $3 and up to use the coffee pods. That's not exactly what we want to...

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