Issue Analysis Paper Psych 375

Topics: Feminism, Gender role, Opting out Pages: 4 (1619 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Professional women in today’s world, have a choice in “Opting out” of work by choice in order to focus on other responsibilities that take place outside the work force. According to Linda Hirshman, who identifies as a feminist agrees that “opting out” is a real phenomenon, but disagrees the medias suggestions of feminism being misguided. According to Hirshman, feminism did not reach far enough and although women have increased in various professions, they still choose the less powerful careers than men and accept the choice of “opting out” because of family responsibilities. “Scholar Linda Hirshman identifies as a feminist, but is frustrated with findings suggesting that successful and well-qualified women have put themselves in situations where it makes sense to prioritize parenthood over work (Guest, 2011, pg 339)”. In the 1980’s, when the feminist movement started, women had to compete with men, who always had the upper hand of not taking the family responsibility. From the beginning of time, man was the breadwinner and the woman was responsible of taking care of the house and the family. Feminist movement fostered conditions where women had equal qualifications as men for elite jobs, but still did the ratings of men of keeping the jobs were higher. Well-educated and qualified women neglected their careers to focus into their family. These women decided to stay at home even when they were offered a part time job. Women’s focus is not accumulating money and power as similar to the men, and often takes many responsibilities within marriage. According to Hirshman, women should not focus on choices, but create solutions, so that women should not have to “opt out”. Like Mark Twain has said, “ A man who chooses not to read is just as ignorant as a man who cannot read.” According to Hirshman, there are three rules that a woman should follow in order to avoid choosing to “opt out” form their careers. Firstly, Women should choose the right career, and...
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