Israeli Palestinian Conflict

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  • Published : December 2, 2009
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There has been a constant struggle over the land by both the Israelis and the Palestinians. There are many questions that need to be answered to better understand the conflict and how the conflict should be solved. Who has rights to the land? Who originally inhabited the land? Who has inhabited the land continually? Who was the land promised to? Israel and the Palestinians both make claims, but what makes their claims valid?


The land of Israel and Palestine consist of approximately 10,000 square miles. It occupies the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea with Lebanon at the northern border, Egypt at the southern border and Jordan at the eastern border. Currently, Israel controls the majority of the land. Israel’s occupation of the land infuriates the Palestinians because they feel that they have the right to the land.

Both sides make claims as to who has lived there the longest, whose “holy” sites are more important and who has the right to occupy the land now.


The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict is a very well known and publicized conflict. The media coverage is very in depth and extensive. Doing research on the conflict can seem like it would be very easy due to the amount of information available on the topic. Researching the topic can however be very difficult due to the vast amount of information available and the biases that are given in the information. You must really take time to weed through the information to make sure that it is factual and not just partial to one side.


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