Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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  • Published : June 17, 2008
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For many years, conflict has resided between Israelis and Palestinians for many crucial reasons. The conflict began when the Jewish people fled from Europe and came to the land of the Palestinians. The Islamic people that inhabited Palestine did not welcome the Jews and soon a conflict was ignited. The conflict was worsened when Jewish people took the land from the Muslims and created Israel. The arguments between these two rivals have continued to grow. In the Israel-Palestine conflict, their different perspectives over land and religion are both very true and have caused problems for many years. Two religions that are so alike cause so much conflict.

The Palestinian’s point of view on the Jews coming in and taking over their land is very important to them. They believe that even though the Jewish people have had many rough times, it doesn’t mean that they can just come in and take Palestinian territory. The Palestinians had been living on their homeland for thousands of years before they were suddenly taken over. Yasir Arafat believes that the Jews “resorted to trickery and deceit in order to implant them in our midst”. The Muslims feel connected with the home that they have been so brutally separated from because of their Holy City, Jerusalem. They also believe that any ties that the Jewish people might have with Palestine are vicious lies. Not only are they irate with Israel becoming an established state, they are also annoyed with Israeli people forcing the Palestinians to show permits in order to enter Israel. The Palestinian National Charter goes so far as to state that, “the establishment of Israel is entirely illegal”. It is believed by many Palestinians that Jews are responsible for all their misfortune even though they had done nothing to hurt or weaken them.

The Israeli’s opinion on the conflict makes everything much more complex. The Jewish people have gone through history without a home. No matter where they went, they could...
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