Israeli Folk Dance

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Israeli Folk Dance


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March 9, 2012

Israeli Folk Dance

Israeli folk dancing has been around for many years since Israel as a country was established in 1948. Originally Israeli folk dance was created to mix new culture with the old land, by combining different dance from around the world. This was created for Israelis to dance to in Israel to start a new culture. The dances are performed in a circle or partner like western country side line dancing. These dances were created to allow professional and semi-professional dancer to perform almost anywhere in the world.

Two different styles of dances developed, the Yemenite and Hora dance. The Yemenite dance came from the Yemenite step. The dance is a three step sequence in place with a short pause such as quick, quick, slow-pause. This can be done in any direction the dancer needs to go based on the location of the dance. The origin of the Yemenite step was developed in the middle ages in the Middle East around the modern countries of Israel, Egypt, and Syria. The Jews were banned from dancing outside in a public meeting, which caused them to move their dancing inside. The dancing was confined to a small place in which the person would hop in a stationary position.

The Hora dance literally translates circle dance was developed in the Baltic area in the middle ages. This originally was developed by the Romanians in the rural area for wedding celebration and festivals. The dance is always accompanied by musical instruments like the cymbals, accordion, and violin. The Jewish Hora dance was adapted in the 20th century by the Zionist movement in their Kibbutz. Most dances are performed to the song Hava Negila.

On March 1, 2012 there was Israel Folk Dance sponsored by the local Beth Israel Temple. The dance was performed at the YWCA in Warren, Ohio at 7pm. The Beth Israel Temple sponsors this event once a year as charitable fundraiser for the temple....
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