Israel vs Palestine

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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November 29, 1947 ORIGINALLY ONE PALESTINE. Jews were already in conflict with Palestine; they want a “National Home.” Brit hands the issue over to the UN. UN splits it into an Israel (for Jews) and Palestine, both separate states. Also, end of British Mandate for Palestine (colonization). Also, Israel was favoured because UN likes them better (because of the Jewish holocaust). The vote to separate was 33-13 (10 abstained). Palestinians were not allowed in Israel. May 14, 1948 Arab countries around (including Palestine) who didnʼt like the Israel idea attacked Israel. ARAB-ISRAELI WAR. Also caused an exodus of Palestinians because they were at war, so they went to become refugees. Also, because of the partitions and Palestinians canʼt step on Israel land, the refugees got stuck. July 1, 1956 Egypt nationalized (“claimed”) the Suez Canal. Israel, France, and Brit got mad so they invaded Sinai (Peninsula in Egypt). May 27, 1964 PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was born in Jerusalem. -Majority (PLO): They want a free state of Palestine that wasnʼt suckish (the Palestinians didnʼt like the partition the Israelites took). In short, they want some land back. -Minority (Extremists; not PLO): They want to “remove” Israel. As in... REMOVE Israel. Forever. Anti-Jews. Like Hitler. And that is what Palestinian terrorists and Hamas will be doing.

January 1, 1967 THE SIX DAY WAR. Israel attacks Egypt, Syria, and...
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