Israel-Palestine Research Paper

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Home: a universal term known to many, as a “place or region where something is native or most common” and finds relief (, home #5); ironically home to many in this world has become a place of fear, families/societies fighting for a place to call their own. One place in particular that, has many fighting for their homes, has come under much controversy and dispute in today’s politics: The Gaza Strip, known as the Israel and Palestine conflict. A place that Jews originally fled to as a safe haven from the Nazi regime became a symbol of destruction to the Palestinians, who were initially settled there. This 60 year conflict is a dispute over land, a place to call home for both sides. This political problem has led to the deaths of many innocent civilians and has raised serious question of American intentions and interference. This war has led to 24,813 Palestinians homes being demolished, 243 illegal Jewish-only settlements, and 1,092 Israelis killed and 6,537 Palestinians killed (Weir). Although, all this seems to be between Israel and Palestine, America has/is playing as a catalyst to the conflict; during the 2011 fiscal year America provided Israel with 8.2 million dollars a day for military aid while providing Palestine with no money for military aid (Weir). In addition, when Israel seems to dislike any American actions, the American government feels as if they are losing Israel from their grasp, which causes America to blindly favor Israel unreasonably. Though both sides have faced horrific tragedies, I believe that Palestinians must be given back some of their land as well as being equally represented in the UN, in hopes to settle the dispute, not just between Israel and Palestine but the other Arab Nations as well. Since Israel was founded no official documents state the exact boundaries of the country’s land, and do to that over sight it has started to outreach its boundaries cutting into Palestinian inhabited land. The Palestinians have not sat back and watched as their homes and lives are demolished; instead they fight back with what they have and that means fighting back with rocks and bodies. So while Israel uses machine guns and tanks to pummel through homes and take all the land they desire, Palestinians use rocks and themselves to protect their land. The conflict is land; to who does it really belong. Although the disagreements of both sides are immovable, the agreements are uncanny. Both sides agree the land on which they want is holy; both agree that the civilians desire land to call homes and for that reason is why they need land. They may have different religions and ideas but neither of the sides like the deaths of their people or the conflict it brings to the world; so there common ground is peace but the plan about how to receive it is complex. There have been many possible solutions to this conflict over the decades but none of them seem to be fitting. Israel’s favorite is that all Palestinians move out of the area to another country so Israel can hold all the land for themselves. Palestinian’s favorite is the reverse Israeli’s move out and land and the land be considered theirs once again. Surprisingly, recently the prime minister of Palestine just announced that he regrets the previous Arab authorities that denied the partition and hope to open that up again for debate. Others suggest for Jordan or Syria to take control of the land which was previously thought to happen in the 1890’s. I presume that there be a joint ownership of the land therefore it can not be held under total destruction from any side due to the land being their own. Although, proposing a solution is much easier than executing it, the importance of trying, means more will become aware of the problems.

My interest in this Social Issue started sophomore year of High School, there was a speaker addressing the issue in a club that I participated in. She talked about her parent...
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