Israel Defense Forces and Hezbollah High-ranking Leadership

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Running head: HEZBOLLAH


Dwayne Cook

Excelsior College

8 February 2009

Ben Prybutok


Before 11 September 2001, one terrorist organization killed more Americans than all others: Hezbollah, better known to many as the “Party of God.” I believe they are more dangerous than al Qaeda although, very little is known by Americans about their internal workings, past accomplishment, and future strategy. One reason it is somewhat unknown is that Hezbollah is not just a terrorist group and have many social service organizations as well as its fighting organization. What is the treatment towards America from this group? I will display in detail how Hezbollah has penetrated the United States, their Ideological beliefs, their ways and means for support, and major actions they have engaged in.


Hezbollah Overview4
Organizational Structure9
Political Objectives10
Major Action13

Hezbollah Overview

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) rates international terrorism against the United States in three threat categories, first being activities from state sponsors of terrorism, second, being formalized terrorist groups, and third being comes from loosely affiliated radical extremists. Hezbollah falls into the second being a formalized group and is often referred to as the A team of terror groups with their own training facilities and infrastructure. This terrorist organization is not a simple group, nor will they disappear anytime soon. Soon after Israel war against Hezbollah against in 2006, the organization recognized in the Middle East and has a sturdy base in Lebanon. Hezbollah has a strong hate for Israel and the United States, known by Americans by the 1983 bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut killing 241 Soldiers. The organization has embedded in the United States covertly and has kept the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on a high state of alert. The group has also killed Americans at the US Embassy in Lebanon as well as taking claim for the U.S. Khobar Towers housing complex in Saudi Arabia (Diaz, 2005). They also have ties to Osama Bin Laden holding several organizational meetings with the al Qaeda leader. The Party of god, is what they are so commonly called came to fruition after the Lebanese civil war in 1992 to oppose the Israeli invasion. Hezbollah has changed from a radical, clandestine militia to a modest, conventional political party with a fighting wing. Hezbollah believes that all its actions are in deep faith and the interpretation of the Koran as it spells out Gods word. Hezbollah is constituted as a political party in Lebanon is known to have close ties with as Qaeda (9/11 Commission Report, 2002).


Hezbollah is a Lebanon based Shia Muslim group which grew almost overnight in the early 1970s, in response to both Lebanese and regional factors. The group provided a political voice to Shia Muslims, who were poor and politically isolated by Lebanon's Sunni and Christian people. Their political voice was encouraged to join politics with religion following the successful Shii Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979. The relationship between Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinians was another factor that helped form Hezbollah. Some say Iranian Revolutionary Guards went to Lebanon by way of Syria in 1982, created Hezbollah, and had two goals at its inception: removing the Israeli existence in South Lebanon that remained following its 1982 invasion, and establishing a Shi'a Islamic state in the image of the post-revolution Islamic state of Iran. Hezbollah abandoned its goal to be an Iranian-style Islamic state, and now is a nationalist and Islamic in its political orientation (Zelman, 2008). Hezbollah’s built strong relations with both Iran and Syria...
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