Israel and Munich Olympic Games

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Two films “Munich“, directed by Steven Spielberg and “One Day in September”, by Kevin Macdonald are based on true events. In 1972, Germany was hosting the Munich Olympic Games. Eleven Israeli athletes were taken hostage by Palestinian terrorists, during the Olympic games. “One day in September” is a documentary film, showing real interviews and footage from the day of the event. The horrible event was on live television. “Munich” is about five Israeli men that wanted revenge on the terrorists, who were part of the kidnapping and killing of the eleven Israeli men during the Olympics in Germany. They have a list of eleven Palestinian men that were part of the Munich attack. There is a saying “ Eye for a Eye” so the five Israeli men will seek revenge on the eleven terrorists on the list. Steven Spielberg’s trying to say that the conflict will never end between the Israeli and Palestinians. It’s a never ending revenge towards each other. Steven Spielberg is Jewish, he probably wants the viewers to be aware of the horrible event and how it never ends.

Spielberg uses documentary footage from “One Day in September”. He used footage when the news reporter reported the kidnapping of eleven Israeli men and they are hostages of the Palestinian terrorists. They showed footage when the first rescue was on live television was called off. They showed hostages and terrorists were transported on the bus to the airport. The explosive at the airport. The news coverage reporting that all the hostages are fine and the terrorist are all dead. There was another new coverage reports saying that “Our worst fear have been realized tonight. They’ve now said that there were eleven hostages and two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning and nine were all killed at the airport tonight. They are all gone.” These footage were used because Spielberg wanted his viewers to have an idea of what actually happened to the Israeli men that were killed.

The main character in the film...
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