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Internet service provider
* ISP (Internet service provider)
* Regional ISPs provide Internet access to a specific geographical area * National ISPs provide Internet access in cities and towns nationwide * Online service provider (OSP)
* Has many members-only features
* Popular OSPs include AOL (America Online) and MSN (Microsoft Network) * Wireless Internet service provider (WISP)
* Provides wireless Internet access to computers and mobile devices * May require a wireless modem

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides access to the Internet. Access ISPs directly connect customers to the Internet using copper wires, wireless or fiber-optic connections.[1] Hosting ISPs lease server space for smaller businesses and host other people servers (colocation). Transit ISPs provide large amounts of bandwidth for connecting hosting ISPs to access ISPs.[2]

Internet connectivity options from end-user to Tier 3/2 ISPs * |
The Internet started off as a closed network between government research laboratories and relevant parts of universities. As it became more popular, universities and colleges started giving more of their members access to it. As a result of its popularity, commercial Internet service providers sprang up to offer access to the Internet to anyone willing to pay for the service, mainly to those who missed their university accounts. In 1990, Brookline, Massachusetts-based The World became the first commercial ISP.[3] Access provider

ISPs employ a range of technologies to enable consumers to connect to their network. For users and small businesses, traditional options include: dial-up, DSL (typically Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, ADSL), broadband wireless, cable modem, fiber to the premises (FTTH), and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) (typically basic rate interface). For customers with more demanding requirements, such as medium-to-large...
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