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Topics: Instant messaging, Computer program, Computer Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: October 8, 2011
The project objective
In our project, we are going to study the legendary instant messaging computer program ICQ in the users’ point of view. We will study the history of the ICQ, including how it was developed in 1996, how it evolved and how it was gradually replaced by other programs and become less popular nowadays. We will use some of the other instant messaging computer programs to compare with ICQ on the aspect of information transfer but still the main focus will be on ICQ. We find that it is interesting to acquire unfamiliar knowledge about Information System through taking a closer look of ICQ—the once hottest software in our computers with which we grew. Also, ICQ surpassed email in providing a platform for us to exchange information instantly, however, the one which was phased out when time passed was ICQ, not email. It is tricky and we would like to discover what kinds of factors leading to this particular result. Being the pioneer of instant messaging computer program, ICQ’s rapid disappearance, compared to others, seems ironic and interesting to us. There are two focal questions in our project. The first question we aim to address is why ICQ would be so successful and popular at the very beginning among the other earliest instant messaging computer programs. The second is to explain the reason why ICQ failed at last and replaced by many other programs, like MSN or QQ. This requires us to find out the drawback of ICQ. On the other hand, what are the comparative advantages MSN or QQ have over ICQ can also be the answer to our question. Research paper outline

In our research paper, we will first introduce ICQ by discussing what it is, what people can do with it. Then, we will talk about what kinds of technology are being used in ICQ. By understanding the working principles involved behind, we can know more about how information is distributed among people. In the second part of the research paper, we will analyze the reason of diminishing number...
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