Isolation and Characterization of Proteins

Topics: Amino acid, Amine, Protein Pages: 4 (821 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Gluten is isolated from wheat flour by washing it with water, dissolving the flour’s water soluble components and therefore separating gluten from it. The isolated gluten was then used in different qualitative colour reaction tests. These tests determine what amino acids are present in a protein, in this case gluten.

Proteins are large biological molecules that are made up of amino acids. They serve as building blocks that form organic structures such as tendons, muscle, and cartilage. Enzymes - biological catalysts that allow important chemical reactions to occur in our body - are also made up of proteins. Thus, proteins play a fundamental role in the processes of life. [1] Protein purification is basically isolating a protein from complex mixtures. By isolating a protein, one will able to study its properties in detail and therefore be able to pinpoint which protein is responsible for a certain biological activity. Purified proteins also serve as valuable biochemical reagents. [2] Gluten – a protein composite most commonly found in wheat – possesses a unique property that allows it to be processed into bread and a variety of other foodstuffs. It is the ingredient responsible for adding texture and chewiness in baked goods. It can also serve as a protein supplement, which makes it useful for people who do not have access to other protein sources and/or are vegetarian. [3] Experimental:

A. Materials
Gluten Isolation:
* 1 Cup Wheat Flour
* Cheese Cloth
* Iodine Solution
* Water
Qualitative Color Reaction Tests:
* Isolated Gluten
* 2.5 M, 3 M,& 6 M NaOH
* 10% & 20% NaOH
* Conc. NaOH solution
* 5% NaNO2
* 10% Na2CO3
* 2% Nitroprusside solution
* 0.02% Naphthol solution
* 1% Sulfanilic acid
* 0.1% Ninhydrin solution
* Conc. HNO3
* Conc. H2SO4
* Hopkins-Cole reagent...
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