Isolated Analgesic Drug

Topics: Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen Pages: 4 (1039 words) Published: February 23, 2013
a. Lab experiment title and data:
Isolation of the active ingredient in an Analgesic Drug
February 12th, 2013
b. Abstract ( purpose):
Identify analgesic drugs after isolating the active ingredients from tablets. c. Physical data table
Drug| Melting point| Brand names|
Acetylsalicylic acid| 135-136 °C| Aspirin, ASA, acetyl salicylic acid, generic aspirin, empirin.| Acetaminophen| 169-170.5 °C| Tylenol, Datril, Panadol, nonaspirin pain reliever.| Ibuprofen| 75-77 °C| Advil, Brufen, Motrin, Nuprin.|

d. Procedure:
Extraction of active ingredient:
Two tablets Ibuprofen (0.400g) was crushed into powder between 2 pieces of weighing paper by a pestle. Ibuprofen contained a red coat, was odorless, round and long as a regular tablet. After first crush, forceps were used to remove red fragments. The powder after crushing had white color and also odorless. All white powder was added to a 3mL conical vial. Next, 2mL of Methanol was added to the vial by a calibrated Pasteur pipet. Then the vial was capped and mixed by shaking. During the experiment, the cap was loosened once to release any pressure that may have built up in the vial. A cloudy suspension appeared at bottom of the vial after shaking about 4-5 minutes. Until the precipitate had settled completely, the liquid phase was transferred to a centrifuge tube and this extraction was repeated with a second 2mL of Methanol. The liquid was clearer after second shaking. After that, the mixture was centrifuged about 2 minutes and 30 seconds (setting high speed at 2). After centrifuge, clear liquid appeared above the white-pink solid. Next, the liquid was transferred to a regular test tube. Column Chromatography:

A Pasteur pipet was used to prepare an alumina column. The small ball cotton was pushed down to the bottom of pipet by a wooden-stick. Alumina (0.5g) was added to the pipet (about approximately 2cm high of alumina in the pipet). A small beaker was placed under the column. To the...
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