Iso 9000 Standard

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FIT 5157 Services Science - Lecture Notes - ISO 9000 Standards

ISO 9000 Standards
Browse the web sites: There are three types of quality standards: 1 Product standards. These set safety and functionality requirements for products. 2 Quality Control standards. These lay out the statistical techniques which can be used to make inferences about the proportion of defective products and so on. 3 Quality Assurance standards. These standards talk about the management systems of the organization. These include design processes, and all those systems and procedures which will ensure that product standards and quality control standards are used properly. The ISO 9000 standards are Quality Assurance standards. ISO 9000:2000 Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems - Requirements ISO 9004:2000 Quality management systems-Guidelines for performance improvements Extract from AS/NZS ISO 9000:2006, 0.1 General, page iv ... The ISO 9000 family of standards listed below has been developed to assist organizations, of all types and sizes, to implement and operate effective quality management systems. — ISO 9000 describes fundamentals of quality management systems and specifies the terminology for quality management systems. — ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide products that fulfil customer and applicable regulatory requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction. — ISO 9004 provides guidelines that consider both the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system. The aim of this standard is improvement of the performance of the organization and satisfaction of customers and other interested parties. — ISO 19011 provides guidance on auditing quality and environmental management systems. Together they form a coherent set of quality management system standards facilitating mutual understanding in national and international trade. The ISO 9000 standards are published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which is based in Geneva. W ithin that organization, technical committee ISO/TC 176 has prime responsibility for the 9000 series of standards. The abbreviation AS refers to Australian Standard, the abbreviation NZS refers to New Zealand Standard. The technical content of the Australian ISO 9000 series standards is identical to that of the international IS0 9000 standards. 1

FIT 5157 Services Science - Lecture Notes - ISO 9000 Standards Purpose of the ISO 9000 series of standards Quality system standards and guidelines are meant to complement the relevant product requirements set out in different specifications. The ISO 9000 series of standards are intended to describe the structure and outcomes of quality systems, rather the detail of how carry out the activities or to achieve the desired outcomes. History of the ISO 9000 standards. Prior to the 1970's, product and quality control standards were well known, but quality assurance standards were used mainly by the military manufacturing organizations in the USA, Britain, Canada and Australia, and by the larger automotive manufacturers. 1970's United Kingdom had BS 5750, Canada had CAS Z299, and Australia had AS 1821, AS 1822, AS 1823. 1979 The British Standards Institution (United Kingdom) proposed that ISO prepare International Standards relating to quality assurance techniques and practices. ISO/ TC 176 was formed. Twe nty memb er coun tries b ecame ac tive participants and another fourteen countries became observer members. The brief was to prepare generic quality management standards for worldwide application. 1986 The first editions of ISO 9000 to 9004 were completed. 1987 The first editions of ISO 9000 to 9004 were published. In these original ISO 9000 standards, organizations gained accreditation to ISO 9001, 9002,...
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