Iso 9000 Implementation in Pakistan

Topics: ISO 9000, Quality assurance, Quality management Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: January 22, 2011

With the passage of time the concept of ISO 9000:2000 spread throughout the industrial sector in Pakistan. The number of companies that acquire the certification crosses into double digits. More then 80 countries have officially adopted these standards in their national standards. It is important that Pakistani companies realized its importance and implement it. The development of total quality management is divided into 5 eras. |1947-60’s |Craftsmanship, where quality was built into products but was successful only in low | | |production. | |1960-70’s |Mass production started and big industries were set up. Quality control took the shape of| | |inspection activity. | |1970-80’s |Introduction of statistical quality / process control in few key industries. | |1980-90’s |Introduction of quality circles. | |1990’s onward |Introduction of TQM and ISO 9000. |

The developmental trend shown in the above table reveals the complete developmental history of ISO 9000 in Pakistan, quite similar to the general development trend, but a bit slow in pace. The reason was the low literacy rate, economic conditions at the birth of the country, and no availability or less developed resources In the Pakistan context, the trend of ISO 9000 registration is growing, and from 2000 to 2005 more than 2013 Organizations have been registered to ISO 9000 standards (ISO Survey, 2005). In addition, the government in Pakistan is encouraging local industry to upgrade its operations. According to survey 2007...
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