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ISM 3004 Ch 14 Google

14.01 About Google

One Trick Pony:
Exquisite Trick – matching surfers to advertisers, charge a fee Why it works so well? Enormous user base, 1/7th of planet 3 hours every month Revenue 2010: 29.3 billion
2011: 37.9
2012: 36.9
* We as a society are spending more time online, advertisers have followed * Targeted advertising – Google successfully matches results to websites as well as advertisers * 97% of revenue is advertising

* The marketing department will spend more on IT than IT itself * Google dominates the industry: 64.94%
* Google alone beat revenues against yahoo just on mobile advertising * Trend continues upward, as is trend in web browsing Not just advertising
* Droid – stormed on to market
* Office applications
* Personal, SMB, and enterprise
* Available to business & individual
* Social media – Google + 100 million active users in a yr, facebook took 6 yrs * Cloud services
* Rent portions of big data analysis to companies (Google has Big query) * Google Voice

14.02 How Search Works
“crawling before you search” – web metaphor
* “spiders” – pieces of software that visit websites and process info there * “crawl the web”
* Process
* Use DNS to find web servers
* Download home page, index, and cache each server’s homepage * Cache – storing a copy of that content (keeping a local copy for high speed processing) * Index – going through every word on that page and making notes of what word is there) – which page has which word, which words on which pages * Identify every link on that page; repeat for all of those pages * Through crawling process we find all linkable information * Crawl entire web – update frequency based on PageRank, site importance, etc. * Some pages get crawled every hour, some only once a month * Secret on what Google actually does

* Deep Crawl – 1x a month, will not take money for more crawls No crawling zone!
* “Keep out” HTML – no robots
* Robots.txt. file
* “Dark Web”
* Behind corporate firewalls; no access for Google
* Private Content – password required
* Ex: Facebook content , sakai
* Search engine results, ranked according to relevance
* Results of search terms, and identifies terms
* Money not an issue, no advertising impact
* Google uses “PageRank”
* Popularity Contest
* How many other pages link to your page
* How influential are those other pages
* Combine those factors – Page Rank
* Highest PageRank listed at top of organic search results * People usually only click on the top 3 results, so having the possible PageRank is important

14.03 Using Google for Business
Advertisers want Results
* Pay per click (PPC) Cost per click (CPC)
* Advertisers in control
* Specify desired search keywords
* Specify maximum CPC and total budget
* Geographic location; start/stop dates; other factors * Auction
* Ad rank = maximum CPC * advertisement Quality Score (how cool the ad is) * Not just about money but the quality and likelihood the ad will get clicked * Discounts
* If your ad rank is the highest then you will only pay 1 cent more than the 2nd highest ranked ad. You bid a 2$ and 2nd ad is 30 cents, then you pay 31 cents * Works well b/c no buyers remorse

Search Engine Optimization (Organic) - free
* “the process of improving a page’s organic search results…. SEO has become a critical function for many marketing organizations since if a firm’s pages aren’t near the top of search results, customers may never discover its site * 83% use Google

* Over 94% of people only click on first page, only just adjust the search terms * “Golden triangle” – top 3 search results
* Websites referred...
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