Ism 500 Assignment #1

Topics: Output,, Input Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Choose an industry, and an information system in a typical organization. Identify the input and output elements, as well as describe the process. Check if there is a need for feedback, what would cause that, and where is that you would apply the feedback. Industry: Online Shopping

Organization: Amazon
Information System: Online Shopping Website (
Any person can shop for anything, compare brands and the prices, read customer reviews and can order a product with 100% satisfaction and negligent efforts. Input: Product Information, Credit card details and shipping address (ORDER) After extracting its profit, Amazon contacts its product supplier. Process: Amazon forwards the order to its suppliers, who then ship the product to the shipping address Customers with no extra time availability and customers with physical disability can live a normal life and easily make online shopping an integral part of their life. Output: Customer gets the product delivered at his doorstep (PRODUCT) Yes there is a need of feedback at various levels.

1) First Level
Order Confirmation Receipt
Amazon sends to the customer that it has received the order and that this is the order. 2) Second Level
Order Confirmation
Supplier sends to Amazon that it has received the order and that this is the order. 3) Third Level
Delivery Confirmation
Supplier sends to Amazon that it has shipped the order and that this is the delivery date. 4) Fourth Level
Customer sends to Amazon that he has received the product and that he is satisfied by the services offered. Feedback is required at each level to ensure the accuracy of the system. If at all a discrepancy occurs we can easily locate the origin of error and correct it. This stops the error from being carried ahead and resulting in a total waste. Feedback also helps improve the quality of services being offered.
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