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  • Published : September 13, 2011
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ISLLC 2008 Standards
Leadership Challenges facing Schools
Many schools in the current society are facing major challenges in terms of leadership. These challenges are real since major consequences of poor leadership are currently being seen in most of the schools. The first leadership challenge facing schools in the current society is lack of the capacity to ensure that every student, regardless of social class, race, immigrant status, e.t.c. achieve their potentials best and receive education of high quality standards. This involves ensuring equality in every school as well as providing similar learning opportunities in all the schools for all the students. It is necessary to note that this is a major challenge since most schools are currently suffering from inequality of resources distribution as well as lack of capacity to inspire students to attain the best of their individual goals. This challenge reflects on the first standard of ISLLC which ensures success for all students in schools. One of the possible solutions that can be adopted in a bid to handle this challenge involves facilitating development, implementation, articulation, and stewardship regarding a supported and shared vision of learning that is emulated by all the available stakeholders. In addition, in order to ensure that students achieve their goals, creation and implementation of plans for the same must be done accordingly. The progress of the plans must also be monitored and revised continually to ensure continuity (ISLLC, 2008). The second leadership challenge facing schools today is lack of the ability to nurture various individual talents of students in the schools. This has led to wastage as well as failure of recognition of the talents of various students in the schools today. As a matter of fact, many schools have failed to offer nurturing leadership that involves identifying variety of talents amongst students in schools. It is worth noting that students posses different talents...
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