Island Man

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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Island man.

Island man is a poem, which presents the feeling of homesickness and a theme of being ‘out of place’. The first two sentences are written in brackets “(for a Caribbean island man in London, who still wakes up to the sound of the sea)”. Perhaps Grace targeted the poem to a person in mind, a friend or even all the Caribbean people who miss their hometown, where the first two lines introduce the central theme of the poem: homesickness. The man obviously misses the environment and revisits them to bring him back where he calls home. The first stanza of the poem starts with a single word ‘morning’ that sets off the poem of someone waking up but Grace doesn’t put a adjective in front of morning to describe what kind of morning it is therefore we just think it’s a ‘simple’ morning. The next line introduces this guy called “Island man” which suggests that his identity is very much attracted to the island. The line “ in his head” shows that he imagining what he is about to explain and could show that he’s out of place. Familiarly it can be referred to the poem ‘Limbo’ as the man is not in London but then again he’s not in the Caribbean. When the island man wakes up he describes the sound of the sea of it “ breaking and wombing” which the breaking could link back to the movement of the sea and him being so familiar to it shows that he belongs in that mood. However ‘wombing’ is a more intriguing word as Grace herself shows that they are comforting sounds, again show the theme of belonging. On the other hand we know that a womb is where babies grow (in a mother) which could show that a womb is everyone’s first ‘home’ as that’s where you are first formed and which we could associate it to comfort and security and a sense of home and belonging. Sailors also refer the sea as a female, so the word ‘wombing’ also introduces the idea of the mother and life; clearly the sea has a special significance for island man. Grace also uses words ending with the suffix ‘ing’...
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