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British Virgin Islands

1.Find and post the island's official tourism website. If it doesn't have an 'official' site, post a website that can provide incoming tourists with info. Welcome to the Official Website of the BVI Tourist Board-

Home US Virgin Islands -
2.Tell us whether the island is an independent nation or it is 'owned' by another country. If so, name that country. Cut & paste the island's flag into your report. No it is not an independent nation. It’s part of a chain that makes up the Virgin Islands. The islands are shared by both the United States and the United Kingdom. This is the flag ratio 1:2

This flag is known as the civil ensign.
This flag is known as the Governor of the British Virgin Island.

3.What is (are) the official language(s) of your island?
The most common and official language is English. You will also here French Creole and Spanish language there also. Most people that use Spanish is the immigrants from Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo. You will hear people speak French Creole when they are from St Barthelemy, St Lucia, St Martin, Dominica, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Haiti and Martinique. 4.If you were flying from Portland, Oregon to your destination, which US city or cities would you likely connect through? Well likely I would fly out of Portland, Oregon with a layover in Los Angeles, CA. Then from Los Angeles, CA we fly out and head to New York City with another layover. From New York City I would head to to Charlotte Amalie. I would then connect with another plan and head to the US Virgin Islands. 5.Find and name a cruise ship that stops at your island.

I have found two cruise ships that stops in the British Virgin Islands. That would be the Princess Cruises and the Royal Caribbean International Cruise ship. 6.Name a meal that is popular and traditional on your island. Traditional foods are spicy and hearty. A dish that I found that is a...
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