Islamyat Surah Hujuraat

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 4 (1463 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Review of Surah AL-HUJURAAT
Name: Muhammad Usman Afzal Roll No: 15-10395 Section: J
1. Introduction
Surah Al-Hujuraat (The private apartments) is the 49th chapter of Holy Quran. It is the Medinan. It comes after Surah Al-Fath and before Surah Qaf in the order f the Quran. The Surah has taken its title from verse no. 4 in which it states that when some uncultured people come to see you (Muhammad [peace be upon him]) they start shouting you from outside your house. (They ignore the demands of collective discipline and even normal social etiquette). The total number of verse in this Surah is 18 and it has 2 rukus in it. 2. Main theme of the Surah

In the first five verses they have been taught the manners they should observe with regard to Allah and His Messenger. Then, they have been given the instruction that it is not right to believe in every news blindly and to act according to it, without due thought. If information is received about a person, a group or a community, it should be seen carefully whether the means of the information is reliable or not. If the means is not reliable, it should be tested and examined to see whether the news is authentic or not before taking any action on it. Then, it has been told what attitude the other Muslims should adopt in case two groups of the Muslims fall to mutual fighting. Then the Muslims have been exhorted to safeguard against the evils that corrupt collective life and spoil mutual relationships. Mocking and taunting each other, calling others by nicknames, creating suspicions, prying into other people's affairs and back biting are the evils which are not only sins in themselves but they also corrupt society. Allah has mentioned all these evils separately and forbidden them as unlawful. After this, the national and racial distinctions that cause universal corruption in the world have been condemned. Nations and tribes and families pride of Ancestry and their looking down upon others as inferior to themselves...
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