Islamization in Europe

Topics: Islam, Europe, Demography Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Does the Declining Birthrate in Europe Make Islamization Inevitable? The presence of Muslims is affecting the continent of Europe, in ways that will change it beyond recognition, over the next couple of decades (Michaels 1). While ethnic European populations are steadily decreasing, growing populations of Muslims are taking over the West at a rate that continues to increase. This paradox is the result of a declining birthrate in Europe, concurrent with an increase in the birthrate of Muslims. These Muslims see Western culture as being corrupt, yet are multiplying in areas where they will be surrounded with opposing views. The hope is to gain dictatorship in order to spread the core faith of Islam, Sharia Law (Lewis 3). With the declining births in Europe being replaced by the increasing Muslim births, it is only a matter of time before Europeans are outnumbered, and Islamization occurs. The decline in Europe’s birthrate is part of the reason the two clashing civilizations came in contact in the first place. The path of Muslim migration to the West began when doors were open to migrant guest-workers, who were needed to compensate for the lack of European workers (Savage 1). These Muslim guest-workers attracted new flows of immigration, and rather than leaving as expected, they set up colonies which continue to multiply at a fast pace, as a result of a high birthrate. The factors that affect birthrate are natural, and beyond anyone’s control, so no policy can effectively regulate Muslim populations in that respect, nor can European populations be increased. Muslims have one of the highest fertility rates in the world, while Europeans have the lowest (Savage 1). Even if it cannot be avoided, Europe can at least predict what the future holds. Nearly five percent of the European population is Muslim, and if Turkey is included, it increases to fifteen percent, a rate that has more than doubled in the past few centuries (Savage 1). Studies of fertility...
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