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Moral Stories are those that are read in childhood, when the soul is pure and clear, and remembered for the rest of the lives. They are also passed on to generations. Through Moral Stories, the idea is to present the greatness of the humanity. Through Moral Stories one can improve their moral values and can learn about the human life.

In the Noble Qur'an, there exists a chapter (28) by the name of Al-Qasas (Narratives / Stories), which itself is proof that man is in need of narratives and stories. In many places in the same Noble Qur'an, stories of Prophets, kings and nations have been mentioned.

In addition, Allah (SWT) has presented issues pertaining to wars, peace, family, religion, society and other similar topics, in the form of narratives and stories. By reading these accounts, the people can comprehend and distinguish the paths of progress and regress, and ascent and descent in every field, especially morals. The entire chapter (12) Yusuf (Joseph) has been devoted to the story of Yusuf (Joseph), Yaqub (Jacob), Zulaikha and the brothers. In the beginning of the Chapter, Allah (SWT) says:

We narrate to you (O' Prophet) the most excellent of the narratives by (means of) what We have revealed to you this Qur'an. Noble Qur'an (12:3)

While, in the concluding verse of this very chapter, Allah (SWT) says:

In their histories there is certainly a lesson for men of understanding. It is not a narrative which could be forged, but a verification of what is before it and a distinct explanation of all things and a guide and a mercy to a people who believe. Noble Qur'an (12:111)

Indeed, one of the distinguished feats of the Noble Qur'an is this very story of Prophet Yusuf (as), which it refers to as the 'best of the narratives', and at the end of which, it says: In these stories there is a lesson for those, who desire to take a moral and adopt the path of the Perfect Men.

This Moral Stories collection caters for the general public, young and old alike, who are acquainted with basic reading and writing. The subject "Moral" is universal to every human being. Hence these Moral stories are not just for any particular sect or the followers of particular faith, it is for the entire humanity, irrespective of there belief, culture, race, color or age.

Before you read and understand these Moral Stories. Let me share with you a story about a medical doctor, who was invited as a guest speaker to address a group of alcoholics in one of the social programs.

Medical doctor wanted to make a demonstration that would be powerful enough to make people realize that alcohol was injurious to their health. He had two containers, one filled with pure distilled water and another with pure alcohol. He put an earthworm into the distilled water and it swam beautifully and came up to the top. He put another earthworm into the alcohol and it disintegrated in front of everyone's eyes. He wanted to prove that this is what alcohol does inside our body. Hence, he asked the group what the moral of the story?

One person from behind said, "If you drink alcohol you won't have worms in your stomach." Was that the message? Of course not, that was selective listening; we hear what we want to hear and not what is being said. So we understand what we want to understand and follow-up in our lives ... Insha Allah. So, please don't take any negative tip from these Moral Stories.

As far as the issue of associating a story to a particular topic is concerned, we do not claim that the stories allude to just one topic or that particular one which has been specified here; rather, there are stories which can be associated with several other topics too, in addition to the topic under which it has been mentioned here.

It is hoped that the readers, after going through these narratives and stories, reflect upon and take positive lessons from them so that they are able to create within themselves, a new impetus towards perfection of morals; and Insha...
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