Islamic Perspective of Human Nature

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Human nature has been studied in terms of philosophical, psychological, anthropological, and developmental. Some of the scholars who studied about these aspects of human nature of psychology are such as Stevenson (1974, 1987), Chaney (1990), Wrightsman (1992), and Schultz (1994). The personality psychology is the theory which is the subjects that is related closely with the aspects of human nature. There are some reason the personality of psychology is studied. It is because of some of the major problems faced by human beings now are caused by the human beings themselves. The human nature must be developed by human beings in order to eliminate the major cause of chaos in the world as said by Maslow. So, the Creation of Man, The Life of Man, and The Destiny of Man in hereafter should be clarified first in expressing the Islamic vision of human nature and personality. Besides that, the study of personality is important to psychology to save humanity. In an Islamic perspective, there are three dimensions must be recognized that is spiritual, physical-biological, and behavioral in studying about man. The spiritual dimension is about the faith and worship, the physical-biological dimension is about the origin of man and the behavioral dimension is about the behavior of man in this world. On the other hand, based on the metaphysical dimension of Islam, Muslim should not think too much or do further research for strengthening the belief of the aspects of heaven and hell, angels and jinns, the resurrection, etc. It is already enough to believe in Allah as He is the Almighty and Allah sent down the Quran and also described all of these in the text of hadeeth to make us ponder about the creation of Allah. In addition, Holy Quran stated about the consequences and responsibilities of man based on their chosen of anything that can affect the behavior in their life. Moreover, belief and disbelief are two types of behaviour connected with the freedom of the mind and the will....
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