Islamic Management

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Discussion Question
1. State any four of the principles of Islamic management.

* Preference to the organization interest.
* Justice for all.
* Honesty.
* Right man in the right place.

2. To be an effective leader, illustrate any six of the nine principles that Islamic leaders should follow. a) Tolerance , justice and selective adaptation.
* Leaders should not , misuse their power and authority to practice injustice and unfairness. * Differences of opinion should be tolerated as long as it is within the boundaries of Islam . * Discriminatory practices in an organization in terms of gender, race, religion and colour is not permissible in Islam as they demoralize those affected and negatively influence their quality of work and productivity. b) Building Human Relations and a Strong Team

* Tasks will be done effectively and efficiently when there are strong bonds between the leaders and their subordinates. * Leaders who are concerned with the welfare of their subordinates will be close to the hearts of their subordinates. * Leaders will gain respect when they are close to the hearts of their subordinates. c) Shared Mission, Vision and Values.

* Internalization of shared mission, vision and values in an organization is an indicator of good leadership. * This approach can result in cooperation, spirit de corps and job satisfaction among members of the organization. * Clear goals can enable leaders and managers to gauge what has been achieved and learn from failures. d) Character Building.

* Leaders, managers and subordinates with strong moral characters, leadership qualities and personal and group accountability will enhance the productivity of the organization. * Leaders should walk the talk.

* It also requires leaders with a strong sense of accountability to God and to the organization.

e) Permanence and...
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