Islamic Importance of: Tawhid, Akhira, Books of Allah and the Significance of the Qur'an

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Explain the Islamic beliefs about Tawhid, Akhira and the Books of Allah.

Islam is described as a living religious system that applies to an estimated one billion people globally. The key beliefs in Islam revolve around the elements of Tawhid, Akhira and the Books of Allah.

Tawhid is the most basic tenet in Islam, where each Muslim worships one omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient deity and personality.
It is the acknowledgment that Allah is the “Creator and Provider” and the belief in worshiping Allah’s many attributes. This is evidenced in the Qur’an, “Glorified be Allah, the Lord of the Throne, bow to He and what they attribute to Him!” [Surah Al Anbiya: 22].

In Islam, Allah set the requirement that humans must perpetually remember their God. This generates a transcendent and personal realm and connection to Allah. The Prophet Muhammad stated, “Human beings are created in the image of the Most Compassionate”. That is, submission to Allah reflects His will, as He is seen through each individual.

Akhira is summarised as life after death. It encompasses the resurrection and the final Judgment of all.
God assesses people, “according to intentions of their actions” and rewards and punishes them respectively. Beyond death it is too late for forgiveness and those whose actions are deemed sinful are sent to Jahannam, hell, whilst the good are sent to Jannah, eternal paradise. Believers seek their entire lives to be in complete harmony with Allah.

As the Qur’an says, “He that works evil will not be requited, and he that works righteous deed will enter the Garden of Bliss” [HQ 40:40].

As the Qur’an names, the most important of God’s truths revealed to His prophets are: the Torah of Moses, the Psalms of David, the Gospels of Jesus and the Qur’an.
The Qur’an is seen as the most complete and true, as it is the direct guidance of God. A Muslim believes that Allah conveyed messages to many prophets as He did to Muhammad. Is is expressed, “Believe in...
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