Islamic Head Scarf: Women’s Rights and Cultural Sensibilities

Topics: United States, Islam, The Culture Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Exam One:
The Controversy over the Islamic Head Scarf: Women’s Rights and Cultural Sensibilities

John Doe

Global Business Management
March 3rd, 2003

1)Using Hofstede’s four guidelines compare the cultural differences between the United State, France and Iran. I’ve decided the best way to compare each country is to first organize the value order of the guidelines with respect to that country. I did this in order to figure out which guidelines were more valuable to each country. After organizing each country I came up with a spectrum. I viewed the spectrum with the United States and Iran on each end. France is near the middle but slightly more towards Iran. The United States is strong on individualism and masculinity. Iran strengths are power distance and uncertainty avoidance. France was a little hard to figure out. I feel France holds the same value for three out of the four guidelines. Only exception being the uncertainty avoidance guideline valued a little higher then the rest. Individualism and masculinity reflect the United States in a variety of ways. With the American goal being to make something of your self with only the sky being the limit. Every person has their own dream, whether it’s to be a CEO, run their own company, be the best athlete or the most successful author. By wanting to be the best at your dream demonstrates individualism while not being afraid to show your accomplishments demonstrates masculinity. Iran I found to be the exact opposite, strengths of the country are power distance and uncertainty avoidance. Power distance is when a system of power is already selected and is accepted. In Iran people expect to be told what to do. This is clearly demonstrated in the reading. Soon as the old political party dissolved a new one replaced it and no one questioning the new regime. People just accepted the new power hierarchy. Uncertainty Avoidance is shown in Iran’s culture by Shari’ah law. Shari’ah law provides a guideline to...
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