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United States of Kashmir

                                                                           [pic] In early 90’s UKM had propounded a concept for resolving the Kashmir issue in order to avoid any further strike between two big rivals India and Pakistan, which can now even more dangerous being Nuclear power. This concept is “United States of Kashmir” in other words converting both parts of Kashmir into an independent state free from Pakistan & India control including KASHMIR (Valley), GILGIT, (Dardistan) BALTISTAN (Northern Areas) LADAKH, POONCH, KISHTWAR, BROSHAL and JAMMU region.                                                   

[pic]About Kashmir

Kashmir (Kashmiri: کٔشِیر, कॅशीर; Dogri: कश्मीर; Ladakhi: ཀཤམིར; Balti: کشمیر; Gojri: کشمیر; Poonchi/Chibhali: کشمیر; Shina: کشمیر; Uyghur: كەشمىر) is the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent. 

Until the mid-19th century, the term Kashmir geographically denoted only the valley between theGreat Himalayas and the Pir Panjal mountain range. Contemporarily, Kashmir denotes a larger area that includes the Indianadministered state of Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh), the Pakistani administered Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, and the Chinese-administered regions of Aksai Chin and the Trans-Karakoram Tract. The United Nations and other local entities use the designation Jammu and Kashmir to geographically denote said area.

According to the Mahabharata, the Kambojas ruled Kashmir during the epic period with a Republican system of government  In the first half of the first millennium, the Kashmir region became an important center of Hinduism and later of Buddhism; later still, in the ninth century,Kashmir Shaivism arose. In 1349, Shah Mir became the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir and inaugurated the Salatin-i-Kashmir or Swatidynasty. For the next five centuries, Muslim monarchs ruled Kashmir, including the Mughals, who ruled from 1526 until 1751, then the AfghanDurrani Empire that ruled from 1747 until 1820. That year, the Sikhs under Ranjit Singh, annexed Kashmir. In 1846, upon the purchase of the region from the British under the Treaty of Amritsar, the Dogras—under Gulab Singh—became the new rulers. Dogra Rule, under theparamountcy (or tutelage) of the British Crown, lasted until 1947, when the former princely state became a disputed territory, now administered by three countries: India, Pakistan, and the People's Republic of China.

Early History

Many Kashmir history sites on the net focus on late Kashmir history (usually starts around the 15-16th century) and try to give the illusion that the state had no glorious past before the Muslims came to India. This is a clear form of deceit.

Kashmir history goes back to antiquity along with the rest of India. India has a long history that spans over 7000 years begining with the Indus valley civilization. The civilization, largest of all the ancient civilizations, spread from as far north as Afganistan to Goa in the south. This seafaring civilization spread across the coastline of the Arab Sea. Kashmir is part and parcel of this ancient history and during the prehistoric period, Kashmir was part of the Indus Civilization. Of course, it must be noted that a neolithic culture existed there until around 300-400 BC. |"The place (Kashmir) is more beautiful than the heaven and is the benefactor of supreme bliss and happiness. It seems to me that I am taking a bath in the | |lake of nectar here." --Kalidas, ancient Indian poet |

The earliest reference to Kashmir comes from the ancient Nilmat Puran. In the Nilmat Puran legend, a saint hero, by the name of Kashyap, goes to Kashmir to rescue the people from an oppressive demon called Jalod Bowa. He cut the mountain near Varahmulla and released the lake called Satisar that was there. The lake...
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