Islamic Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Philosophy Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: February 11, 2011

The main discussion in the article is on the meaning of the term ethics. The author starts the article by raising questions about ethics and morality. While most people understand ethics and morality is sharing the same meaning, the author suggest otherwise. The author suggests that the term ethics and morality do not share the same definition. There is indeed a great different between ethics and morality.

Different people have different view and perspective on the meaning of ethics. If the question of the meaning of ethics is to be asked to 10 different people, chances are, we might be hearing 10 different answers explaining the meaning of ethics. Hence, scholars argue that to determine one single meaning of ethics is difficult.

The article explained that ethics is not something that can be associated with feeling. Some other people contend that we should identify ethics with religion. However, according to the article, ethics cannot also be identified with religion. Above all, the author also explained that the act of one doing “whatever society accept’ cannot be realize as one being ethical. The author argues, the lack of social consensus on many issues make it impossible to equate ethics with whatever society accepts. Then, ethics may be said to be as two things. Ethics may be referred to a well base standard of right and wrong that is prescribing what humans ought to do, in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues. Besides, ethics also refers to the study and development of one's ethical standards. In other words, ethics also means the continuous effort of studying our own moral beliefs and our moral conduct, and striving to ensure that we, and the institutions we help to shape, live up to standards that are reasonable and solidly-based. Morality, on the other hand, is a code of conduct or a system of values providing one with guidance on what is wrong and right action to be done during a...
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