Islamic Effects on the World

Topics: Mathematics, Medicine, Islam Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: March 5, 2012
The muslims inherited much from Greece, Rome, and India. Muslims tolerated other cultures and because of that were so advanced in scholarship, the medical field, and many others areas at the highest level at that period of time. The muslims achievements will always have a lasting impact on our world.

One of the areas the Muslims were advanced in was the medical field. It states in document 3 that many medical books such as the five volume, The Canon of Medicine. Books like those were translated to different languages and used around the world. European medical schools gained critical access to references sources. In document 1 it states that muslims reasons for supporting the advancement of science was that rulers want qualified physicians treating their ill. For many years the Muslims were the most advanced in the medical field.

Another area the muslims were very advanced in was math and science. Using scientific observation and their understanding of mathematics, muslim scholars made many advancements in trigonometry, astronomy, and mapmaking. As stated in document 5 the muslims used the astrolabe and the armillary sphere to study skies and make calculations for their maps. In document 4 you can find that Al-Khwarizmi, a mathematician, wrote a textbook about al-jabr (algebra) in the 800's which was then later translated to latin and used throughout Europe. The muslims were a very smart group of people. The Islam capital had 37 libraries, a large amount of bookstores, 800,000 and a total population of 300,000 as stated in document 2 which helped them become so advanced in many areas.

Muslim architecture has also had a lasting impact on world cultures. Many artists base their art off of muslim artwork. For example in document 6 calligraphy, a type of art that is used to decorate buildings, is now used all over the world. Calligraphy is also used in todays muslim art religiously because it shows the glory of Allah. The muslims blended their architecture...
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