Islamic Country Business Practice Are Differ from Us

Topics: Islam, United States, Muslim world Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Do I thing business practices in Islamic country are likely to differ from business practices in the United States? If so how?

Yes, I agree with this statement that business practices in Islamic country are differ from business practices in the United States.

When a business organization is capable and qualified enough to meet up the national demand then they can operate business crossing to the border. When a company operates is business activities more than one country having its own branch office in the host countries then it can be called international business. As multinational business is operated in more than one country so there must be an influence of the several host countries to operation and functional activities of the business. When business practices are doing between Islamic country and United States that time we faces some different between those countries. And those are as follows:

Language is the first and foremost aspects of international business. As every country has its own language. They obviously prefer that their language is highly evaluated. Moreover to make them understand it is better to express them in their own language. For Islamic country their local language is Arabic, Hebrew etc. and on the other hand English is the local language in U.S. if they each other language then as a result their profitability will be increased and the growth of the business practices is ensured.

Laws are based on the Muslim Holy Book, the Quran.  The system is often known as “Sharia” but their business rules and regulation are not so strict. In United states their laws are very strict for export their product in other countries for this strict rules and regulation it decreased other countries to import product from them. It make difficult to business practices between Islamic country and United States.

Religion is also an essential part of a country’s culture which influences business. Islamic countries people are Muslim...
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