Islamic Architecture Comparison

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Islamic Comparison Paper

In this paper I will be giving my personal analysis on two distinct Islamic architectural structures that have some similarities as well as some differences that complement each other even though they may be from opposite ends of the empire or building technique and even sometimes have a personal touch subject to the architect themself or current leader of the time. I will identify non visual aspects such as the intended purpose of the structures and underlying issues or problems it has faced or is currently facing. My main source will be the d2l content webpage with the chapter presentations and especially any linked videos pertaining to the compared buildings. My two architectural feats of art that i will be comparing are going to be the Taj Mahal and the Dome of the Rock. I understand that these do not share the same purpose but i feel they are relevant examples. First let us look at the similarities in their styles. In the case of the Taj you see the signature dome that is used so prevelately in Islamic art. In fact the Taj has many dome like topped structures but only the main dome in the middle has the same style as being the focal point of many Islamic buildings and is like the Dome of the Rock. Speaking of, it also has multiple domes but again the main one in the middle of the building is the defining aesthetic. They are both built on raised a platform which is important because they were built so many years apart and so far apart. They both are heavily geometrically based in terms of their design in a sense of the building as a whole and in the detail of the art on and in the structures. One difference from what i noticed is that the Taj does not use any type of Greco-Roman style pillars unlike the Dome of the Rock. Another difference is that the main building in the center has a square shape with a huge middle arch on each side. Where as the Dome of the Rock is an octagonal shape and has only one main entrance with many small...
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