Islamic Accounting History

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Islamic Accounting History

History of Islamic accounting has been around since derives the Qur'an in the year 610 M, i.e. 800 years ahead of Luca Pacioli who published the book as the basis of accounting in the year 1494 M.

After the advent of Islam in the Arab Semananjung under the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad. and the formation of the Daulah Islamiah in Medina had Baitul Mal, i.e. the financial institution that serves as the Treasurer of the State and the guarantor of social welfare. These financial institutions have implemented the system of financial accounting or financial record-keeping kitabat so called alamwal (record-keeping of money). The Prophet Muhammad. has educated specifically some companions to handle accountant as hafazhatul amwall financial watchdog. The Death Of The Prophet Muhammad. (Zaid, 2000 and Hawari, 1988), followed by the Rashidun Caliphate by the accounting Act applied to individual members, the Alliance (syarikah) or the company, accounting for endowments, the rights of the prohibition of the use of treasure (15), and the State budget. At the time of Umar the Islamic Government until it has been the development of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, resulting in increased revenue and expenditure of the State. Friends recommend the need for accountability for the registration and acceptance so that State expenditure at the time the Government Has set up a ' Umar bin institution called Diwan.

At the time of Umar bin Abdul Aziz (681-720 ad) developed the Government financial reporting reliability with obligations issued proof of receipt of the money (priest, 1951). Al Waleed bin Abd al-Malik (705-715 CE) introduce records and registers the volumes and not separate. The evolution of the development of management accounting books reached the highest level at the time of the Abbasid State Government classified above some of the specialties of accounting, such as livestock, agricultural accounting accounting, accounting for...
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