Islam - Total Submission to Allah ; Hajj and Bioethics

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Islam offers a religious world view that provides a perspective for the human view of reality that is, totally submission to Allah, which adherents can apply to their daily lives. Islam provides adherents with a way to express their submission to Allah through teachings of bioethics as well as the practice of Hajj.

Islam offers adherents a number of bioethics to guide them on their beliefs and actions on human life. In providing a set of bioethics to be complied with, Islam is offering to the adherent a way in which they can express their total submission to Allah that guides them in their everyday life. In addition to this, these bioethics are derived most commonly from the Quran, the direct word of Allah, demonstrating an obedience to the will of Allah. For example, Islam teaches that Euthanasia is Haram, meaning it is strictly forbidden under any circumstances. This is demonstrating the belief that only Allah can give or take life, and in interfering with the will of Allah, you are proving your distrust in Allah and the belief that Allah won't allow more suffering than one can endure. Using the process of jurisprudence a number of Fiqh have been applied to develop the beliefs on abortion. All variants of Islam believe that once ensoulment occurs, abortion is not allowed. However the time in which it takes for ensoulment to occur varies from 40-120 days. Although abortion is permissible if the mother is at risk of death, generally the belief is that Allah is the only taker of life. This is derived from the Holy Quran, “We first created man from an essence of clay.... Blessed be God, the noblest of creators.” (Sura 12-14) It is in these ways that the bioethics of Islam guide adherents in their submission to Allah, and ultimately provide a perspective for the human view of reality that can be applied to everyday life.

There are various ways in which full submission to Allah can be demonstrated. The practice of Hajj successfully allows adherents of Islam...
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