Islam Ritual and Worship

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Muslim Pages: 3 (1211 words) Published: April 26, 2008
In a traditional Muslim society, how would you see ritual and worship lived?

It should not be strange that the values cherished by all the three major religions are the same, since they originate from a common source. For example, Islam, the predominant religion in the Middle East, accepts as an integral part of its religious teachings both the Old and the New Testaments. If this commonality of moral traditions among the world's major religions does not say something about the universality of religion, it does say something about the universality of mankind. . . (King Hussein, 1935 - 1999) Islam is an intriguing and strong member of the monotheistic trinity, comprised of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Due to Islam’s strong ties with the other two major religions, Islam has similar founding beliefs, such as love, sin and the afterlife. The way Islam conducts ritual and worship however, differs in many ways; through different countries, cultures and interpretations. Ritual and worship takes a strong role in the everyday life of a traditional Muslim. Ritual and worship is the way Muslims live their lives in relation to their Islamic beliefs. An integral part of Ritual and worship are the Rights of Passage. The Rights of Passage for Muslims encompasses their lives from birth, through life, into death. They include subjects such as birth rites, naming rites and marriage ceremonies. At birth, a new born baby is welcomed into the Muslim community. The father of the child whispers the Adhan (call to prayer) into the baby's right ear. Allah is the first word heard by the new born child. Seven days after birth, a feast and naming ceremony called an Aqiqah is traditionally conducted. Several traditions are observed including the child’s head being shaved, with the hair being weighed and same weight in gold or silver given to poor and a sacrificing of animals in honour of the birth. The child is given a name, often relating to Islam, a...
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