Islam Informative Speech

Topics: Islam, Qur'an, Muhammad Pages: 2 (282 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Introduction: Are all Muslims terrorists? The Muslim Religion teaches people to love God and serve him without killing innocent people.

I. Defining Islam & Muslims
A. What is Islam
1. Islam means submission to Allah (which is Arabic for God)
2. Followers (muslims) live by Qur’an
a. believed to be verbatim word of God
B. Who is Muslim
1. 1.57 billion Muslims in world, 23% of world population
a. 2nd largest religion & fastest growing
2. Majority of muslims live in Asia & Africa
II. Beliefs
A. Purpose of existence is to worship God
1. God is beyond all comprehension, don’t visualize God but worship & adore him as the Protector B. Islamic holy books records what Muslims believe were dictated by God to various prophets

1. previous scriptures: Tawrat (Torah) an the Injil (gospels) became distorted by interpretation C. Angels (malak) means messenger
1. very important in islam
2. communicate revelations from God, glorify God, record peoples actions, & take persons soul @ death D. 5 pillars of Islam
1. Sunni Islam
a. God is 1 & Muhammad is messenger of God
b. pray 5xs a day
c. Ramadan
d. Give to poor
e. pilgrimage to Mecca
E. Food
1. only eat meat from a herbivorous animal slaughtered in name of God by a Muslim, Jew or Christian, also known as halal food
2. use right hand for eating and drinking
3. prohibited to eat pork, blood, and drink alcohol
III. Closing
A. Islam is a major world religion that continues to grow B. There is only one God and he is to be worshipped by following the holy books & prophets C. It’s not evil religion, different peoples interpretations make it good or bad
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