Islam & Hindu Religions

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Islam & Hindu Religions
Only about 4% of the worlds population follows the religion of Sikihism, which combines a blend of Hinduism and Islamic religion. Interesting how two religions who were built on such different customs can mend together to create one. Between the differing traditions of Hinduism and Islamic religions, look between the lines and you shall find there are also many similarities.

The religion of Hinduism reveals its ancient and “old-school” customs. Hinduism has no single founder or no sacred texts. Hinduism is not a set in stone religion with a firm basis, it contains overlapping beliefs of the diverse and countless gods/goddesses of India. Hinduism practices a polytheistic religion. Also, constructs no one form of worshipping, there are several ways to perform actions of praise. This religion particularly focuses on priests, formal rituals, and its many gods. Lastly, Hinduism stresses the caste system, which illustrates their wheel of life.

In 622 a new religion was born. Islam arose in Arabia and has one, main founder, Muhammed. Islam has one sacred text, the Quran. The Quran illustrates the “bible” of Islamic religion. Islam demonstrates a monotheistic religion praising only Allah. One main way of worship, that is greatly recognized, performs fasting. Islamic people fast during the time of the Ramadan; they are not allowed to eat from when the sun rises, until it sets. Islamic people are required to pursue daily prayer and help the poor.

Hinduism and Islam are similar in several ways. Both religions believe in a higher authority and worship in a numerous amount of ways. Hindus and Islamic people, during their lifetime, strive to achieve humbleness and care for the poor. Hinduism and Islam come from the Middle East and they are both huge parts of culture and tradition. In later years, Hind and Islam blended to combine one religion. Islamic people adapted the Hindu marriage customs and eventually the caste system.

In conclusion,...
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