Islam: Empire of Faith

Topics: Muhammad, Islam, Qur'an Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: May 17, 2011
In the movie Islam of Faith Part 1, the narrator starts off with the translation of azan to highlight the strong words and the strength of faith. The movie talks about how Islamic civilization has been one of humanities grandest achievements. It was muslims scholars who reclaimed the ancient wisdom of Greeks while Europe were in the dark ages. They who served the seed of the renaissance 600 years before Divincci. From the way we heal the sick to the numerals we use for counting,. Cultures have been shaped by Islamic civilization.

A world wide power founded on faith a spiritual revolution that will shake the nations of three continents and launch an empire. This all started by the birth of single man, his name was Muhammed.

Muhamed was born in 570 ad in the Arabian peninsula. Bedouin tribes were locked in constant tribal wars. He was from Makkah but he was sent to live with the Bedouins in the desert because they felt that the Bedouins were the holders of the deeper cultural Arab values. Both of Muhammad’s parents died by the age of 6, his uncle (chief of his clan) took care of him. He was orphaned in a tribal society, he felt as an outsider as in tribal societies family is what makes you, whether its social status or success. Thus making him able to click with other outsiders. Muhammed was so adaptable, he had many parents. Thus making him the child of everybody. Muhameds clan just like others shared stories that have been shared over generations. His uncle taught him skills he needs to survive. Even before the Islamic period the place around the kaabah was sacred, where everyone had to put down their weapons, and this facilitated trading. The Kaabah made Makkah the heart of trade. Muhammed became a merchant. At age 25 while leading a caravan to Syria, his talents called the eye of the shipment’s owner, Khadiga. She was his mentor as long as a wife. She was very strong lady had her own business, Muhammed helping her out. He had tremendous amount of...
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