Islam and the Prophet Muhammad

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Feb 25, 2013
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Islam and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
The documentary about the Islamic religion and its founding prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was very interesting to me because, I come from a dominant Muslim country know as Iran and I have never really knew how, from where and by who the Islamic religion started. This movie sums it up in about an hour.

The azan is the sound called five times a day everyday across the world. Nearly a quarter of the people on earth respond to it, bound together by the spirit of Islam. There is no god but Allah (God). In history Islamic civilization has been one of humanities grandest achievement. Worldwide power founded simply on faith. In the western world the Islamic religion has been misunderstood behind the veil of fear but the history of Islam is interwoven in the western civilization. From the way we heal the sick to the numerical ways of counting, cultures across the globe have been shaped by the Islamic civilization.

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born in or around 570 A.D in the Arabian Peninsula. He was from Mecca but was sent to the better one where they had the deeper Arab values. The better one being the town people they kept the authentic Arab culture and poetry. When the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was six years old both of his parent had died and he was taken on to the protection of his uncle, chief of his clan. Because he was an orphanage at an early age he developed a passion for those who were left out of society. The prophet had many fathers many mothers so he was known a child of everybody. In his clan the most important people were the poets because, pre Islamic Arabian civilization was an oral culture and had respect for people who can express themselves orally. The poets linked the tribes to its ancestors and celebrated values older than memory. He was living in a world of warfare between clans so his uncle taught him the skills he needs to survive....
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