Islam and Ottoman Empire Attack

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Chapter 19 Study Guide- SW Asia and Indian Ocean 1500-1750

Directions: In complete sentences, answer the following questions. Page numbers are provided.

1. What post-Mongol Muslim empire lasted the longest? P.485 2. In 1453, what city and empire did the Ottoman Empire attack? P.486 3. With what Italian city-state did the Ottomans fight a prolonged war? What was the outcome of that war? p.486 4. What was the court language of the Ottoman Empire called? P.490 5. What was the askeri and raya? P.490

6. Describe the “balanced” military of the Ottomans. P.490 7. What became the primary religion in the Balkans? P.490 8. What caused inflation in the 16th century? P.491
9. Describe the system of “tax farming”. P.491
10. What two (2) cash crops were grown in the Ottoman Empire? 11. What product became “the rage” in the Ottoman Empire and where did it come from? P.495 12. How did the decay revealed by the Patrona Halil rebellion spell benefit elsewhere? Explain. P.495 13. Who inspired the new Sunni movement in central Arabia? P.495 14. What sets Iran apart from its neighbors? P.496-5

15. What are “qizilbash” and why are they named thus? P.496 16. In Iran, what was the second language of Islam? P.496
17. Ulama are religious Muslim scholars. What happened to the self-image of the ulama in Iranian Shi’ims? P.497 18. How is the martyrdom of Imam Husayn commemorated among the Shi’a? p.497 19. List 3 things that the cities of Isfahan and Istanbul had in common. P498 20. What gave some women a stake in the economy? P.498

21. In terms of clothing, what was the norm for both men and women in the Islamic world? P.499 22. What manufactured good became most closely associated with Iran? Describe their construction and look. P.499 23. Why were the Portuguese able to seize the strategic port of Hormuz from Iran? P.500 24. How did Mughal...
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