Islam and Middle East

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Middle East Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Islam came to be when a merchant named Muhammad went to a cave to meditate. It was in that cave that he met the archangel Gabriel and Gabriel gave Muhammad words to recite. These words gave birth to the religion of Islam. Through trade, military, and followers Islam quickly spread to an empire that dominated the Middle East and spread across North Africa and Europa. Mecca was important to the Islamic people; it was the center of their faith. Mecca was also the site of Arabia’s holiest pagan shrines the Ka’ba. It was also the center of the caravan trade so millions of people a year would pass through. People would be exposed to this new religion and pass it along to the next place they went. As people converted and went alone the trade route they converted others as they went. Muslims did not believe in violence but they did believe in holy war. So when the time arose the military would have to defend their religion. They needed to keep other empires from trying to concur the Islam Empire. Islam spread greatly because of the military campaigns. As the troops ventured to different places they went along converting others to Islam. There were many followers of Islam, the first being Muhammad. One of the reasons why people were so excepting of Islam is because women had a lot more rights than other religions at that time. So this make more women convert because they weren’t expected to be seen and not heard. They could have opinions and share them, they weren’t equal to the men but they were pretty close. Islam had many influences that helped spread it all over the Middle East and into Africa and Europa. Trade, military, and followers were just some of them. But a document in the point of view of woman could have helped in writing a more sufficient essay. The added point of view and opinion from a women’s perspective would have added more insight into how it was for them.
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