Islam and Christianity Creed

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Similarities In The Foundation of Islam and Christianity
Many religions share a lot of similar values amounst each other. Most especially Islam and Christianity are extremely similar and are most commonly known as the Abrahamic Faiths. Abrahamic religions are religions that all view Abraham as an important person in their lineage. He is connected in both faiths although he plays different roles in the different religions. In Islam, he is considered to be a prophet. For Christians, Abraham is important because he is the father of the people of Israel and therefore a fore bearer of Christ. All of these religions are monotheistic and all their followers are all "People of the Book", believing that Gods word is revealed in their holy book. Christians and Muslims are both ethical religions. They are both concerned to ensure that their followers should lead their lives morally upright and in accordance to Gods will. Overall, there are many similarities in the foundation of Islam and Christianity like the Creed of both religions, how both faiths are encouraged to give alms and the period of fasting that both religions have.

One of the major creeds in Christianity is , "The Apostles Creed." This creed sums up the core beliefs for a Catholic. The creed basically focus' on 3 major people; God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It starts off stating that God is One and has created humans and all other creatures. The creed empazies that Jesus is a very important figure in the Catholic faith and is the center of the Catholic Church. Catholics view and believe that Jesus is the Son of God and therefore he is worshiped almost greatly as God is. The last major part it talks about is The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent down to guide humans to the righteous path that Jesus and God wants Catholics to follow. Muslims, just like Catholics, view Jesus as an important figure in their faith. Muslims see Jesus as a prophet not as their central belief, instead they believe that...
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