Islam and Chambers

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The life of Islam began around 610 in the town of Mecca in the country of Arabia by a middle-aged man named Muhammad. Through the years Islam has had its trials and errors. However, today Islam holds the faith of around 800 million followers.

Hot and dry deserts, steppes, and wastelands are the homelands of the Arabs, but they were able to overcome these harsh conditions. Arabs were very “proud of their family, language, skill, and way of life” (Chambers et al, 2010, p. 180). The Arabs were in a time of turmoil when Muhammad first appeared. Having political power the Byzantines, Persians, and Abyssinians constantly trying to conquer the Arabs was a political strain; religious turmoil wasn’t any less of an explosion.

Born between the years of 570 and 571 in the city of Mecca, Muhammad combined pagan, Christian, and Jewish ideas for the Arabian religion of Islam. The angel of Gabriel came to Muhammad in 610 telling him to preach the words of Allah, the Islamic god. Only a handful of relatives clung to his teachings at first. “Reflected in his native city, Muhammad accepted an invitation to expound his ideas in Medina” (Chambers et al, 2010, p. 180). This migration in 622 is called the hijra. The hijra marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Important to Muhammad’s career, the hijra allowed him to become the governor of Medina, but it also caused for his preachings to be more and more about “public law, administration, and the practical problems of government” (Chambers et al, 2010, p. 181). After being successful with converting people in Medina, Muhammad decided in 624 to march against the Meccans. He was successful, and he took Mecca in 630. The only pagan shrine Muhammad kept in the city was the Kaaba, a temple built by the prophet Abraham.

Within the Islamic religion, the Koran is a collection of prophecies written down in 651 or 652, but the true author is Allah. The Koran praises Allah for his knowledge power, justice, and...
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