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‫ﺑﺮﮐﺎت اﻻﻣداد ﻻھل اﻻﺳﺘﻣداد‬ BEACONS OF HOPE BY

Ala’Hazrat Azeemul-Barkat Mujaddid Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
(Alaihe Rahma Wal Ridhwan)

Translated By: Abu Muhammad Abdul Haadi Al Qadri

Beacons of Hope


This inquiry came to the great Mujaddid Imam Ahmed Raza Al-Qadri (Radi Allah unho) from Ahmad Nabi Khan of Mohalla Shabazpura Saheswan of the 14th Shaban AlMoazzam 1311 Hijri. QUESTION What is the ruling of the Ulama of Deen regarding the Ayah‫ اياك نستعين‬A person interprets this Ayah saying that it is Shirk (Polytheism) to seek assistance from any one other than Allah Almighty. He quotes the Following : ‫دﯾﮐﮫ ﺣﺻﺮ ﻧﺳﺘﻌﯾں اے ﭘﺎک دﯾں‬ ‫اﺳﺘﻌﺎﻧت ﻏﯾﺮ ﺳﮯ ﻻﺋق ﻧﮩﯾں‬ ‫ذات ﺣق ﺑﯾﺷک ﻣﮯ ﻧﻌم اﻟﻣﺳﺘﻌﺎن‬ ‫ﺣﯾف ﻣﮯ ﮔﺮ ﻏﯾﺮ ﺣق ﮐﺎ ﮨو دھﯾﺎن‬

Look at the Hasr (restrictions) of the pure Deen, that it is not permissible to seek assistance from other than Allah Almighty. He also quotes the beliefs of the illustrious Sufiya as follows: Sheikh Maslihuddin Sadi Shirazi (Radi Allah unho) held the same belif. Hence, he states: ‫نداريم غير از تو فرياد رس‬ ‫توئی عاصياں را خطا بخش و بس‬ There is none beside you that can assist me and it is You Who forgives the sins of the servants.

Beacons of Hope

4 Hazrat Moulana Nizami Ganjawi (Radi Allah unho) also says the same in his Du’a: ‫بزرگا بزرگی و ہابيکم‬ ‫توئی ياوری بخش وياوری رسم‬ O Master! Oh Bestower of Excellence! It is only You Who can help me and save me. He also quotes an interesting and thought-provoking incident of Sheikh Sufyan Thouri (Radi Allah unho) recorded in Toh’fatul-Ashikeen. One day, while performing Salah, Sheikh Sufyan Thouri (Radi Allah unho) fell unconscious while reciting the Ayah ‫اياك نستعين‬When he gained Consciousness he said: “I must be the most disrespectful person to ask assistance from other than Allah Almighty while the Sublime Lord Almighty states, ‫اياك‬ ‫”نستعين‬ He then quotes a similar incident of Nabi Sayyeduna Ibrahim (Alehis Salam) concerning the Ayah ‫ .اني وجھت وجھي للذي‬He says that there are numerous other Ayahs, Ahadith and sayings of the Ulama and Sufiya that reject seeking assistance from creation. I hereby request of your august self of a refutation of this belief. Your answer must be Based according to the quotations presented, Quran with Quran, Hadith with Hadith and sayings of Sufiya with sayings of sufiya. Your answers should have literal meanings. ‫بينو توجروا‬ ٰ ‫بسم ﷲ الرحمن الرحيم‬ ٰ ‫الحمد و به نستين والصلوة والسالم‬ ‫علي اعظم غوث و اكرم معين سيدنا‬ ‫محمد و آله و صحبه أجمعين‬ Alhamdulillah, every Muslim believes in the Ayahs of the Holy Quran. The statements of Hazrat Moulana Sadi (Radi Allah unho) and Moulana Nizami (Radi Allah unho) are all correct and true but the misled and corrupt try to deduce erroneous beliefs from them. This will never happen, as truth will always prevail.

Beacons of Hope

5 The Ayah‫ اني وجھت وجھي‬has no relevance in the matter concerned. This Ayah speaks of concentration in worship, that is: “I turn (concentrate) to Him Who Created the skies and earth”. If does not refer to absolute concentration that includes seeking assistance from the Prophets and Awliya. Jalalain shareef commentates on this Ayah as follows: ‫قالو اله ما تعبد قال اءني وجھت وجھي قصدت بعبادتي الغ‬ The kuffar asked sayyedyna Ibrahim (Alehis salam), Whom do you Warship? He replied, I turn to Him with my worship that Created the skies and earth. If we take the meaning of “absolute concentration” in this Ayah then it will be Shirk to face and talk to anyone. The Qibla (direction) is also not Allah Almighty but the Quran Orders: ‫وحيثما كنتم فول وجوھكم شطره‬ Wherever you are, turn your face to the direction of the Qibla. Allah Almighty forbids! This will be a command of Shirk according to the Wahabies. The Ayah ‫اياك نستعين‬and the Du’as of Assistance of Sadi (Radi Allah unho) and Nizami (Radi Allah unho) are directed to Allah Almighty and do not reject the seeking of assistance absolutely. There is no doubt about the...
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