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Ishi, 14
Ishi is a young Yahi Indian. He is the last left of his tribe after all the others die out. Ishi is very smart and quick thinking. He is usually friendly with other Indians and loves his family .He likes to hunt with Elder Uncle and spend time with Tushi and Timawi.

Elder Uncle, in his 40’s or 50’s
Elder Uncle is Ishi’s dad’s older brother. He is very wise and teaches all he knows to Ishi. He took care of Ishi after his father was shot. He took Ishi hunting for the first time, and is the main leader of the village. He most likely dies from drowning.

Tushi, 11
Tushi is the younger cousin of Ishi. She often helps out Ishi’s mother with the chores around the village. Her parents were killed in the shooting. Ishi enjoyed watching her mature into a woman. She died with Elder Uncle in the river.

Timawi, 15
Timawi is Ishi’s very close friend. He is not a member of the Yahi tribe, but because all his family was killed, he hangs around with them. Timawi is very brave hunter . He has many skills that he teaches Ishi. He is very vengeful, and wants to kill saldu as he can. He was shot after burning a saldu cabin.

Mother, in her 40’s
As her name implies, Mother is Ishi’s mother. Her true name probably isn’t Mother, but she was only brought up in the book as Mother. She, Tushi, and Grandmother usually carry out the chores around the village, like cleaning, cooking, ect. Ishi loves Mother very much, and tries to do thing for her. Mother helped take care of Tushi after her parents were shot. Mother died of sickness.

Main Conflicts

Conflict 1- The Massacre
Ishi and his family were in their old village when saldu came and invaded and began to shoot at the tribe. About 7 Yahi people escaped and went to another location in hopes of hiding from the saldu. But everyone else was unfortunately shot and killed, including Ishi’s father and Tushi’s parents. This affects the outcome of the story because Ishi is the last Yahi...
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