Isas600 Mid-Term Exam

Topics: Computer, Microsoft Word, Word processor Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: March 3, 2012
ISAS600 Mid-Term Exam: Due by 11:59 PM, Sunday, 3/4/2012 - Post your answers in the Assignments Section of the Classroom. Prepare your answers in a Microsoft Word document in APA Format which included the Title Page, Paragraph Formats, Cites and References.  Abstract and Table of Content are not required for Exans. • Be sure that your answers directly answer the questions asked and that they are "keyed" to the specific part of the question. • Your answers should be concise while covering all applicable points/issues. • Be sure to incorporate the topics covered to date in your answers and cite references.  Textbook cites must contain the Page Number. • Spell, Grammar and virus check your document before submitting it. • Attach your Word file to the "MidTerm" Assignment within the "Assignments" area of the Classroom. o Title of your Word File should be "surnameMidTermExam", where Surname = your surname. I am looking for your ability to be creative and persuasive, not a particular "right" answer. Exams will be graded on the following criteria: • Content – incorporate and cite material covered in the textbook, lecturettes, discussions and URLs into your responses.  Exams are intended to measure what you have learned, they are not research assignments. • Logic – development of an argument, citing evidence to justify your position, and presenting it convincingly and coherently. • Well organized, concise and succinct answers that directly address the questions asked. • Writing – proper writing, including spelling, grammar and punctuation. Question 1

You are an antique collector who also buys and sells antiques.  You would like to create a computerized database to keep track of your extensive collection, some of which are quite old and expensive.  You need to have accurate records/documentation in case of theft, fire or other catastrophic loss.  In addition you would like to be...
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